Home Ministry Panel in Bangalore to Study North-East People's Issues

BANGALORE: A committee set up by the Union Home Ministry today arrived in the city to study the problems faced by the people from the North-East.

People belonging to North-East regions residing in Bangalore and other cities of Karnataka attended a meeting and interacted with committee members, former MP and member of the committee H T Sangliana told reporters here.

Sangliana said during the interaction job-related and security related issues surfaced. "The participants raised concern over violation of minimum wage rules, negligence of the police to address their problems, among others," he said.

Addressing the security-related problem, Sangliana said the committee will ask Karnataka government to make arrangements at police station level to promptly tackle North-East related cases because the police are unhelpful.

"They are not registering cases promptly and protecting the accused despite their complaints against them in clear terms," he said.

Sangliana said the committee will ask the government to establish a helpline and institute North-East-related cells at the police station level and at the police headquarters to curb cases going unnoticed and unheard.

"The panel will urge the government to designate senior-level police officers to handle all such cases and if necessary request for special prosecuting agency for giving free legal aid for northeast people," Sangliana said.

Sangliana said "there was a need for better relations between employers and employees in the context of approximately three lakh northeast people living in here."

M P Bezbarua, who is heading the panel, did not attend the meeting.
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Ex-supercop’s daughter posts posts pic of ‘corrupt’ cop

By:Prakruti P K

Former super cop and ex-city police commissioner H T Sangliana's daughter Rachel, who lives in Viveknagar, caught a policeman red-handed on camera while he was allegedly bullying a street vendor for a bribe; and promptly posted the photograph on the Bangalore City Police website, appealing for immediate action to be taken against the erring cop.

While harassing street vendors has become common place, it appears the police have the 'nonchalance' to carry out their hafta-demanding activities in broad daylight and in full public view of late. "Around 2:30 pm, I was at the Thursday Market near the church in Viveknagar when a policeman on a Cheetah bike came and stopped near the vendor a little away from me. I couldn't hear the exact details of their conversation, but they spoke rapidly in Kannada. As the cop looked on expectantly and waited, the vendor shuffled around for a few minutes and reluctantly handed over some money," recalled Rachel, speaking to Bangalore Mirror.

Though scared, Rachel managed to take a picture of the cop and his bike on her phone, which she then posted onto the BCP website with a complaint accompanying it.

When contacted, a senior police officer from the Ulsoorgate sub-division confirmed that they had received Rachel's post and were investigating the matter.
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Sangliana to campaign for Congress

'The high command has promised to give representation for the Christian community in the future’
Constituency watch: Karnataka
H.T. Sangliana, former MP, who had been holding talks with the Janata Dal (Secular) after being upset over the lack of representation of the Christian community in the candidate list announced by the Congress for the Lok Sabha elections, beat a hasty retreat on Saturday.
He told The Hindu that he had met a member of the Congress high command and was satisfied with the promise that the Christian community would be given adequate representation in the future. “I have decided to stay in the Congress and campaign for Congress candidates.”
Mr. Sangliana said he had invitations from the JD(S) and Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress to contest from the Bangalore Central constituency.
“I was upset that the party has not fielded even a single candidate from the Christian community in this election. This had never happened before and I took up the matter with the high command.”
In every previous election, Christians were given ticket in at least one constituency and Muslims from at least two of the 28 Lok Sabha segments.
However, this time, the party has fielded just one Muslim — Rizwan Arshad — in the list of 26 candidates announced so far. Not a single Christian candidate figures in the list.
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Sangliana to Stay in Congress

JD(S) is on the lookout for an alternative candidate for Bangalore Central Lok Sabha constituency after former MP H T Sangliana decided not to quit Congress.

After his return from Delhi on Saturday, Sangliana told Express that the Congress high command expressed regret over failing to give ticket to a Christian candidate in any constituency in the State.

“I have decided to remain in Congress and campaign for the candidates in Bangalore after the party high command promised a fair deal for Christians in the coming days,” he said. However, he did not disclose the names of Congress leaders he met.

He said he received calls from top Trinamool Congress leaders in West Bengal who offered him a ticket from any constituency of his choice in Bangalore.

Sangliana thanked JD(S) chief H D Deve Gowda who offered him ticket to contest from Bangalore Central constituency. He was invited to Delhi for a rapprochement meet after he aired his views against the Congress after the party failed to give ticket to a Christian candidate. The local leaders too had requested him not to desert the party.
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Sangliana may be JD(S) pick for Bangalore Central

BANGALORE: As several political bigwigs filed their nominations on Wednesday, the JD(S) tried to make the most of dissent within the Congress over ticket distribution.

The JD(S) is looking at a prize catch in HT Sangliana, the former MP who is unhappy at being denied the Congress ticket for Bangalore Central. While offering him the constituency, the opposition party is holding talks with another retired IPS officer, KC Ramamurthy, who might leave the Congress and contest from Bangalore North.

Another Congressman likely to jump ship is CK Jaffer Sharief, who is likely to contest the Mysore Lok Sabha seat for the JD(S). With an eye on the sizeable Vokkaliga population in Bangalore South, JD(S) president HD Deve Gowda is trying to get Vokkaligara Sangha chief Appaji Gowda to contest from there.

Among the 22 persons who filed their nominations for the April 15 elections were KH Muniyappa (Kolar), HN Ananth Kumar (Bangalore South), P C Mohan (Bangalore Central) and Shobha Karandlaje (Udupi-Chikmagalur).
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After Jaffer, JD(S) gets ready to catch Sangliana

Bangalore, Mar 19: In its effort to back youths in the forthcoming elections, the Congress party seems to be losing some of its prominent leaders.

After Jaffer Sharief expressed his disappointment and signalled a breakup with the party, it is now the turn of H T Sangliana.

Sangliana was denied ticket from both Karwar and Bangalore Central constituencies. As soon as the party came up with the decision to not issue the ticket to him, a miffed Sangliana expressed his unhappiness and hinted at quitting the party.

In both constituencies, the Congress party has decided to field young candidates, issuing tickets to Rizwan Arshad from Bangalore Central and Prashant Deshpande, son of R V Deshpande from Karwar.

In a bid to capitalize on the 'wrong' done by the Congress party to Sangliana, the JD(S) yet again threw its net on the disappointed leader to boost its own chances in the elections.

It is said that Sangliana will come up with his decision after holding talks with his close confidants.
Sangliana, who served as an IPS officer, later joined BJP and won the Lok Sabha elections from Bangalore North constituency. But later he was thrown out of BJP for voting in favour of UPA in the confidence motion of 2008, thus violating the whip issued by the party in the parliament. He then joined the Congress, but lost the general elections in 2009.

In another development, Kumar Bangarappa is also threatening to contest as a rebel candidate in Shimoga. As reported earlier, Manjunath Bhandary from Mangalore, the largely unknown face, considered an outsider in Shimoga, was confirmed the ticket here. Interestingly, Bhandary has still not received the B-form from the party, though he is planning to file nomination on Thursday March 20.

If the above three leaders plans to move out, then it could be setback for Congress in Karnataka. The latest NDTV pre-poll projected that the Congress will win only 6 seats in Karnataka, BJP 20 and JD(S) just 2.
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Sangliana 5 Script for Films

The noted cop of yesteryears in Karnataka HT Sangliana disclosed that he has five more good scripts that are drawn from his regime as police officers. The five stories could be made as films in Kannada of one hour to two hours duration says Sangliana.

Already Sangliana three sequels were made in the past in Kannada. Two of the three were starred by Shanker Nag and the other by dynamic hero Devaraj.
Recalling the three films made HT Sangliana was not happy with the 3rd series made on his life sketch. The sequences were over blown and some were imaginative of the director he pointed. On the five scripts he has suitable for Kannada films the former cop and former MP said films of one and one half an hour on the lines of 'Ardhy Sathya' could be made.
The 71 years Mizoram native served Karnataka Police for a long and made a strong impact in the minds of the people once booked a case against his wife for taking police vehicle to buy vegetables.

The footboard traveling Dr HTS used to stop was slashing ink pen when he is on jeep and then catching offenders was another people oriented problem he stopped when he was in the traffic division. He has several encounters in his memory and they are best suited for films he opined.
Before HT Sangliana spoke at the launch day of 'Cobra' Kannada cinema the action her Vijay said he is a fan of Sangliana and permitted he is ready to take on his real life tales for the films.
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Dr. H.T. Sangliana Speaks on Integrity in Leadership

Dr. H.T. Sangliana Speaks on Integrity in Leadership

on Saturday, July 13, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT) Waltham, MA, USA

Event Details

Dr. H.T Sangliana is the former Karnataka State Director General of Police. He was a Member of Parliament (LokSabha) of India, and was also the former Vice Chairmen for National Commission of Minorities. His integrity and career accomplishments were captured in two hit Kannada movies titled “Sangliana 1” and “Sangliana 2”. He is an excellent orator and an inspirational speaker

Register here for the event:


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Most cases of conversion in MP false, minority panel VC says

INDORE: More than 150 cases of alleged high-handedness by the police, particularly against minorities, were taken up by vice-chairman of National Commission for Minorities, Dr HT Sangliana, here on Thursday.

Talking to TOI, Sangliana said that a large number of cases of conversion have been registered by the police in the state. However, almost all the cases are false, he claimed demanding investigation into the cases by senior police officials.

Pointing out police insensitivity towards real victims in such cases, he said the police are turning a blind eye towards their atrocities and many a time false complaints are being made with vested interests.

Sangliana said that an impression is being created that the state police is not discharging its duties because the accused are said to be close to the political party in power.
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Minorities commission seeks exclusive dept to handle issues

Chennai: The National Commission for Minorities Thursday urged state governments to set up an exclusive department to expedite handling of various issues of these communities. 

"The best thing is to have a separate department to run Minority affairs or related works. In the present system, there is a Secretary and Commissioner (in Tamil Nadu), who function in different departments. If a single agency is set up, they may function better," Commission Vice-Chairman Dr H T Sangliana told reporters. 

He said Manipur was the only state to have set up such an exclusive department. 
Sangliana said special programmes for minority students could be fully implemented if there is such a department. 

He said various posts in the state minorities commission, including that of its chairman, are lying vacant since the AIADMK government came to power and should be filled as early as possible. 

Sangliana said he had interacted with Additional Director General of Police to hold an exclusive recruitment for minority students in Tamil Nadu as part of a scheme to provide more job opportunities to them.

He said he had also met minority community students and had a brief interaction with them yesterday. 

Sangliana said one of the major issues faced by these students in Tamil Nadu was lack of awareness on various scholarships and government schemes. 

To a query on recent incidents of North East students leaving cities in South India to their home towns following rumours of attacks, he termed it as an "unnecessary exodus".  
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