Sangliana 5 Script for Films

The noted cop of yesteryears in Karnataka HT Sangliana disclosed that he has five more good scripts that are drawn from his regime as police officers. The five stories could be made as films in Kannada of one hour to two hours duration says Sangliana.

Already Sangliana three sequels were made in the past in Kannada. Two of the three were starred by Shanker Nag and the other by dynamic hero Devaraj.
Recalling the three films made HT Sangliana was not happy with the 3rd series made on his life sketch. The sequences were over blown and some were imaginative of the director he pointed. On the five scripts he has suitable for Kannada films the former cop and former MP said films of one and one half an hour on the lines of 'Ardhy Sathya' could be made.
The 71 years Mizoram native served Karnataka Police for a long and made a strong impact in the minds of the people once booked a case against his wife for taking police vehicle to buy vegetables.

The footboard traveling Dr HTS used to stop was slashing ink pen when he is on jeep and then catching offenders was another people oriented problem he stopped when he was in the traffic division. He has several encounters in his memory and they are best suited for films he opined.
Before HT Sangliana spoke at the launch day of 'Cobra' Kannada cinema the action her Vijay said he is a fan of Sangliana and permitted he is ready to take on his real life tales for the films.